What is a Heterogeneous and Homogeneous mixture? What is a good and easy way to remember what they mean? Also what is an example for both?

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sciftw eNotes educator| Certified Educator

A heterogeneous mixture is a mixture that is not well mixed.  It's a mixture in which you can see the different "stuff" that's mixed in.  One of my favorite heterogeneous mixtures is trail mix.  It has M&M's, peanuts, raisins, pretzels, etc. It's so poorly mixed that you can see what you are getting with each handful.  That's also what allows me to pick up only the M&M's.  Lots of foods are heterogeneous mixtures: Chex mix, Lucky Charms, and Honey Bunches of Oats.  

A homogeneous mixture is a mixture that is mixed well enough where the entire mixture looks uniform.  It looks to be the same texture and color.  Milk is a homogeneous mixture.  Go into your refrigerator and check the milk jug.  I'm certain it will say "homogenized."   Tea or coffee would work as examples as well.  An example of a homogeneous gas mixture is the air that you are breathing right now.  

The only recommendation that I have for a memory tool is to take note of the "homo" form word in homogeneous.  "Homo" means "same."  A homogeneous mixture is the same throughout.  "Homo" is a frequently occurring science word, so it's good to remember.  Homologous chromosomes are paired chromosomes.  Homozygous alleles carry the same genetic info.  Homosexual means same sex.  "Hetero" is a form word that means "different," of different, not the same, parts.

mathisfun | Student

You can find examples of heterogeneous and homogeneous mixtures in schools.  A heterogeneous classroom consists of a very diverse group of students. It could possibly have students of all ability levels, contain males and females, have students from various ethnic groups. A homogeneous classroom would be one that was students of the same ability, all males or all females, or it could have one ethnic group.  

Using these examples, you should be able to define these words. A heterogeneous mixture is one that is very varied. It can be easily seperated into various components or groups. It is a mixture that is not uniform in mixture.  However, a homogeneous group is one that is very similar in nature or characteristics. So, we would say that it is uniform in consistency.

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