What are Herman Calloway’s feelings about Bud?  

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Herman Calloway views Bud with contempt throughout the novel. When Bud first meets Herman and tells Herman that he is his father, Herman calls him a disturbed young man and tells Jimmy to handle him. Herman dismisses Bud and even calls him a scamp. When Bud goes to the Sweet Pea, Jimmy invites Bud to sit with himself, Mr. Calloway, and Miss Thomas. Herman makes several insulting comments towards Bud before he gets up and leaves. Herman argues with Miss Thomas about letting Bud stay with them and tells Bud that he's going to send him back to wherever he came from. Mr. Calloway threatens and accuses Bud of snooping around the house after Bud shows him that he has similar rocks with writing on them. Herman does not want anything to do with Bud and wishes he would go away. After it is discovered that Bud is Herman's grandson, the reader finds out why Herman Calloway is such an angry, grumpy man. Herman was very hard on his daughter because he wanted her to be tough enough to handle adversity throughout life. Herman's daughter ended up running away from home, and Herman never heard from her again. Over the years, Herman became a callous old man because he knew he was responsible for making his daughter run away.

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