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what is Hellenism?

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The term Hellenism used in literary discussions refers stories, novels, dramas, or poetry that has been inspired by classic Greek literature or makes use of classic Greek style or forms.  Examples abound: James Joyce's Ulysses, for example, is a modern telling of the Odyssey.  Rick Riordan's Percy Jackson series embodies hellenism and draws inspiration from greek mythology and philosophy.  You can also analyze literature through the lens of hellenism by particularly focusing on the Greek devices and style within the text.  For example, Shakespeare was influenced by and used the dramatic device of the chorus in several of his plays; the chorus originally developed in Greek drama.  Western literature has been heavily influenced by Greek literature, style, and philosophy.

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panda2014 | Student

Hellenism is a term that pertains to the spread of culture, ideas, literature, government, and religion of the Greeks. One of the main causes of hellenism was Alexander the Great of Macedonia. Alexander the Great expanded his Macedonian Empire to vast areas, even to the very edges of Europe into Asia. His expanding empire spread Greek culture throughout everywhere he conquered, thus hellenism was induced.

laurto | Student

Hellenism is a term used to describe works of the national character or culture of Greece. It also defined as the study or imitation of ancient Greek culture.