What are Hector's motivations in the Iliad for being a great warrior?

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This is such a great question! To understand Hector’s motivations for being a great warrior in Homer’s Iliad you might look closer at understanding the culture of the times, and what it meant for them to be warriors. For instance, it is well-known that Hector was fighting for ‘kleos,’ which can be loosely interpreted as honor, glory, and fame (See Dr. Elizabeth Vandiver). While Hector would’ve been fighting for material wealth and riches, what would’ve been even more important to him was the honor, glory, and fame he would’ve achieved through the praise of what others thought about him. Even more integral and necessary would've been Hector’s ability to obtain honor, glory, and fame by being remembered after he was dead. So think about it this way: what made a great warrior in ancient Troy was not only winning material wealth, but to also fighting with such honor that you would be remembered for all time. Since Hector is still considered one of the most heroic fighters,...

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