What is health? How do I explain health in simple words?

Expert Answers

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djbutler241 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Health can be defined as a person's overall wellbeing or when a person does not have any injuries or illnesses. Health can be related to both emotional and physical injuries or ailments. The adjective healthy would be used in order to describe someone who is in good physical and emotional condition. The opposite of healthy is sick, so when someone is not healthy, we would often say that they are sick or ill. 

If your question was aiming to ask what health classes are, a health class teaches students the basics of various aspects of health. For example, a class might focus on the proper foods to eat in order to stay in a healthy state, or they may focus on physical fitness, sexual health, or the effects of drugs and alcohol. 

user656547 | Student

I agree with this. Health is all about how you live with all your works. If you are good enough to work properly, then yes you are healthy, otherwise in some what cases you feel low. Health also includes your fitness, diet and all. So its better to have a good and fit health.