In which health care professions are you most interested and in what type of health care profession might you be interested in working?

Expert Answers
kipling2448 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

This question is entirely subjective and entirely dependent upon the personal experiences of the student asking it.  Having said that, what follows is intended to offer some guidance.

There are many health care professions, and individuals selecting a specific field of study or specialization are usually guided by those with which they experienced the most fulfillment and academic success while in medical school or college.  Some choose internal medicine or family practice, others choose to specialize in more narrowly-focused areas of medicine, for example, the circulatory, respiratory or central nervous systems.  Medical students who don't like to perform surgery may focus on opening a family practice that involves primary care with more extensive treatment, like surgical procedures, referred to specialists.  Some prefer to focus on mental health issues and pursue careers in psychology or psychiatry.  It is all entirely up to the individual.

Predicting what kind of health care professional one is likely to work in is, again, up to the individual.  Inasmuch as most people visit dentists twice a year and optometrists once every one or two years, those would be logical predictions for professional work choices.  Most people will also visit their primary care physician within a year making that another logical work choice.  Beyond that, it is dependent upon individual health care interests.