What are Hayden's inner desires in Neal Shusterman's Unwind?

Expert Answers
sciftw eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Connor and Risa meet Hayden in chapter nineteen.  Connor and Risa are on the run.  Fortunately, the two of them have stumbled upon a smuggling operation for children people wanted to unwind.  It is similar to the underground runaway slave railroad that existed many years ago.  The difference is that, this time, the "railroad" exists to rescue runaway unwinds.  There are three other people already present in the underground basement station.  They are Hayden, Roland, and Mai.  During one of the nights, Connor and Hayden can't fall asleep.  They begin talking to each other. During the conversation, Hayden speaks about what he really wants to know.  His inner desire is to know how the unwinding process works.  He knows the results, but he wants to know specifics about the entire process:

"No," says Hayden. "Everybody knows the result, but nobody knows how unwinding works. I want to know how it happens. Does it happen right away, or do they keep you waiting? Do they treat you kindly, or coldly?" 

His other desire is that his divorced parents get back together, which he thinks is more likely if he is unwound. 

"If I actually get unwound, I think it will bring my parents back together."