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What have people learned about Christianity? What have people encountered that differs from their experience or thoughts about Christianity? What are the views of Christianity in our world today? How has Christianity impacted our world?

Things to learn about Christianity include the fact that being a Christian does not make one innately good. Differing experiences of Christianity are caused by varying cultures and denominations. Views of Christianity in the world today are mixed, with some people being cynical about and others relying on religion. Christianity has impacted our world in many ways, from the calendar widely used to the history of colonization and many of the traditions followed today.

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These are reflective questions, and your answers should be based on your life experience.

When it comes to what you have learned about Christianity, there are many things you could discuss. You could discuss the fact that being Christian does not mean that one is innately good, or talk about how you've learned how important church attendance and Bible study are.

There are many ways in which people's experience of Christianity differs. The experience will vary from denomination to denomination, meaning that a Catholic is likely to have a very different experience of Christianity to that of a Baptist or Methodist. Similarly, Christians around the world will experience Christianity differently depending on the laws of their country and how many other Christians they can surround themselves with. In certain cases, cultural elements form part of Christianity, and faith takes on a very different look.

I would argue that views of Christianity in our world today are incredibly varied. On the one hand, many people rely on God to get them through hard times. On the other hand, many people have a very cynical view of God, which is caused in part by hypocritical Christians. For example, people who call themselves Christians lie, cheat, have extramarital affairs, and are found guilty of various crimes. Such activities can cast a negative light on the faith. Christianity has also been criticized for its traditional subjugation of woman and lack of acceptance of the LGBTQI community.

To discuss how Christianity has impacted our world, we need to take a look at the history books. Christianity played a big role in much of the colonization of the world, and many Western traditions have their origins in Christianity. The calendar followed by much of the world also has its origins in Christianity.

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