What have been the results of the conflict on: (a) villiage of Salem (pg 109-110), (b) Parris (pg 109 - 10, 112), (c) Hale (pg 109 - 110, 114). Finding it hard to get the right answer I have to discuss it in a few sentences

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The problem here is that we do not know what is on which page in your copy of the book.  It seems to me that this is probably stuff from Act IV.  If so, here are my answers:

For the village, there are all sorts of problems.  You have orphans without parents, abandoned cattle, and general conflict.

For Parris, his daughter has taken his money and run away.

For Hale, the conflict has made him lose all his confidence in the court.  He has also started to try to convince people to lie and say they are guilty so they won't be hung.  This goes against his values, but he does it anyway.

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