What has max always feared about his father?

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sciftw eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Max is flat out afraid of his dad. I would be too, if I knew for sure that my dad had killed my mom. That is scary stuff. He's a hard man and having spent time in prison didn't exactly help. Oh, and his nickname is Killer Kane. AND he is soon to be paroled from prison. Max is afraid that he is going to see his dad. Max is afraid that his dad is going to come and take him. The following is in Max's own words.  

"I always knew this would happen, that he would come for me, in the night, that I would wake up to find him there."

That's exactly what happened, too. Killer Kane abducted Max. Luckily the police took care of business fairly quickly, and Killer Kane was put right back in prison. When that happens, that's about the safest that Max has ever felt in his entire life.  

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