In A Doll's House, what has made Mrs. Linde's life difficult since she last saw Nora? 

Expert Answers
lsumner eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Mrs. Linde had a sickly mother. She was in love with Krogstad years ago. She could not marry him because he was not financially stable. Instead, Mrs. Linde chose to marry a man who had money, even though she did not love him. She had to consider her sickly mother and two younger brothers. Mrs. Linde became their caretaker. She needed the support of a husband who could take care of her and her mother and younger brothers. 

Through the years, Mrs. Linde's mother died and her two younger brothers grew up. Also, Mrs. Linde's husband dies, leaving her a widow. Mrs. Linde has come back to town looking for work:

Mrs. Linde is a widow and quite desperate for work. At one time, she was in love with Krogstad but chose to marry for money so that she could provide support for her mother and younger brothers.

Now, Mrs. Linde has come to visit Nora. She shares with Nora the struggles of the years since Nora had last seen Mrs. Linde. She tells of how her mother dies. She shares that her husband dies, leaving her nothing. She confides in Nora in that she did not love the man she chose to marry.

Mrs. Linde is still in love with Krogstad. The two of them rekindle the love they once share:

At the end of the play, she and Krogstad are reconciled.