What has damaged the wall in "Mending Wall"?

sesh | Student

In "Mending Walls" Robert Frost discusses about an act of mending a wall annually. The poet wants to convey his neighbour that there is no use of performinng this act. Well.. About your question, the poet claims there's something which breaks this mended wall.

Something there is that doesn't love a wall,

He refers to this (what damages the wall) as "something". The poet doesn't say exactly what it is.

Something there is that doesn't love a wall,
That wants it down.' I could say 'Elves' to him,
But it's not elves exactly,

It is ambiguous what exactly poet refers to as this "something". But It could be guessed as nature. Nature doesn't like barriers which people make to isolate themselves, clinging to unwanted and useless customs. Robert Frost being a romantic poem who explored nature in his poetry, I believe this something is "nature". This "something" can also be the poet's mind. He is the one who asserts the foolish neighbour about the uselessness of performing this act. He struggles to convince but fails to. Poet agrees with the action of nature.

Poet doesn't like it to be mended. What damages the wall is nature.