What has Buck Learned Since Moving to the Northland , in chapter 2?

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schulzie eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Buck is introduced to the law of club and fang. He recognized after Curly is killed that there is no fair play.  Once you are down, that was the end of you. He learned to bristle and snarl when he was attacked by the other dogs.  When the snow fell that night, Buck learned that he had to dig a hole to sleep in and that the warmth of his body would keep him warm. Buck was placed between Dave and Sol-leks so that he might receive instruction on how to pull the sled. He learned to eat quickly because if he didn't the other dogs would steal his food. He watched the other dogs.  He learned from Pike how to steal bacon from Perrault.  He learned to bite the ice out with his teeth when it collected between his toes, and "when he was thirsty and there was a thick scum of ice over the water hole, he would break it by rearing and striking it with stiff forelegs" (pg 30) He learned to fight with the cut and lash and the quick wolf leap.

stolperia eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Buck learns the Law of the Fang in Chapter 2. This is the pecking order or rivalry that arises between the dogs and determines each dog's place in the hierarchy of the team. Buck learns that survival comes to those who are alert and ready to take advantage of every opportunity to press any advantage over others.

Buck also learns how to survive in the harsh conditions of the Northland. He learns to create a shelter for himself in the snow and then allow his thick fur to keep him warm through the frigid nights. He learns how to succeed in obtaining food without being beaten by the humans or attacked by the other dogs. He learns how to pull a sled as part of a team, and discovers that he is very capable of doing so better than some of the others.

ngochieu | Student

he learned to adap wit enviroment, how to pull and so on