What has been done to address the problem of bullying?

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Much effort has been put towards fighting bullying, particularly in the public schools.  Public schools are the most obvious place that bullying occurs and so most of the efforts to fight bullying have been taking place there.  There have been two main thrusts of anti-bullying efforts.  These are education and punishment.

The less common approach to ending bullying is to punish bullies.  There are schools that have adopted strong policies in which people who are found to be bullying others may be suspended from school or even referred to law enforcement.  This approach is used to underline the seriousness of the issue and to make people feel safe from bullying.

The approach that is emphasized much more is education about how to react to bullying and how to prevent bullying.  Schools regularly hold classes and assemblies in which children are taught how to identify when bullying is happening.  They are taught how to react to bullies.  They are taught how to cope with being bullied.  There are many different kinds of programs.  The diversity of such programs can be seen in this link, which is a government clearinghouse for information on bullying and bullying prevention.