What does Harrison Bergeron’s rebellion reveal about his character traits and values?

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Harrison Bergeron is an extremely talented, athletic fourteen-year-old boy who was imprisoned for attempting to overthrow the government. In the short story, Harrison escapes from prison, takes over a news station, and declares that he is the emperor of the United States. After throwing off his handicaps in dramatic fashion, he floats into mid-air with one of the beautiful ballerinas and kisses her before he is shot dead by Diana Moon Glampers. Harrison's rebellion reveals that he is an independent thinker who is willing to take extreme risks to alter the trajectory of his life. Harrison is also depicted as a fearless leader who is passionate about usurping power and ruling the United States as its emperor. He evidently values independence and disagrees with the government's policy, which requires each individual to be completely equal in all facets of life. Harrison's actions also depict his dictatorial nature and authoritative personality. His actions and mindset also validate the government's stance on equality. Overall, Harrison Bergeron is depicted as a determined, authoritative individual who wishes to use his talents and abilities to rule the United States after escaping from prison.

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At first Harrison Bergeron was jailed for presumably plotting to overthrow the government. He was accused and deemed a threat because of his above average intellect and physique. Harrison was forced to bear handicaps as dictated by the law, which sought to effectively ensure and promote equality among the members of the society.

Harrison was conceited- He did not marshal the people towards addressing the oppression but instead publicly declared himself emperor. His actions confirmed the need for the handicaps that the government had introduced.

Harrison was a non conformist- He rejected every attempt by the government to control him, up until his death.

He was courageous- He did not try to escape when the Handicapper General arrived to contain the situation during his public display of rebellion. He was willing to die for what he believed in.

Harrison was dictatorial- He intimidated the musicians in the television show to play their best. He did not attempt to negotiate with the musicians and instead displayed some level of corruption when he enticed them with titles if they played well.

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