What is Hardy's philosophy of life as an embodied in The Darkling Thrush?

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janeyb eNotes educator| Certified Educator

THe speaker's weariness in the Poem mirrors Hardy's own. Hardy constantly wrote about his despair for humanities future. THis is represented in the poem by the speaker's search for meaning. Hardy believed the world was doomed because of the industrial age, something he saw as poison to the arts and to his own way of living. He shows this in the poem by the speakers lack of connectedness with the present.

ruhul94 | Student

Hardy is commonly known for his passimism.The last part of the 19th century was a depressing time for him.In the poem `The Darkling Thrush` his philosophy of negativity and passimism have been clearly demonstrated.In the 1st part of the poem the landscape is described as a hopeless and gloomy one. There is nothing bright, beautiful and cheerful in the atmosphere.The time is the winter evening when the landscape covered with spectre like grey frost.No where could he find a trace of creativity in nature, everything appeared as cheerless as his mind.


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