What hardships were faced by the Middle Colonies?

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The Middle Colonies were primarily populated by small family farms and small towns.  Many farmers grew crops more to feed and clothe their families, rather than to sell or trade them.  This caused slow economic growth in the region.

Early settlers in the Middle Colonies faced hardships.  The climate and landscape in the Middle Colonies was unfamiliar to them.  They were not accustomed to the humid summers and sometimes marshy landscape.  Some of the land was not good for farming.

Those living in the Middle Colonies feared attacks by Native Americans.  Many Quakers lived in the Middle Colonies, especially in Pennsylvania.  Quakers were especially eager to live peaceably with their Native American neighbors.  Overall, Native Americans did live peaceably with people in the Middle Colonies.  There were isolated instances, however, of children and adults being attacked or even taken captive by Native Americans.  Many times children were adopted into a Native American family when they were captured.

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