What happens to your  circulation system and breathing system after playing football? And why do these changes happen?

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trophyhunter1 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Homeostasis is the abilitiy of the body to maintain a stable internal environment at all times. When playing football, many body systems need to work harder to maintain homeostasis. Homeostatic regulation allows the body to function optimally regardless of what is happening in the external environment. For example, the person playing football requires more energy to maintain the high level of activity. Glucagon, a hormone must be released in order to add glucose to the bloodstream so that muscle cells can use it during activity. There is also an anaerobic way to use stored energy in the muscles for additional energy in times of activity. However, a waste product of this fermentation process is lactic acid. When a person is active, the body temperature can increase, however, the excess heat is released via the process of perspiration. As sweat evaporates, heat from the body is lost and the person will cool down. As a person carries out increased respiration, the carbon dioxide levels will increase in the blood. This will stimulate an increase in the breathing rate to get more oxygen into the body. This is called positive feedback. The heart rate also increases and therefore, so does the pulse during times of exercise, to increase blood flow to the muscles of the body. After the person is finished playing, the body systems will go back to normal due to homeostatic regulation. One example of this is negative feedback which reduces the output of a body system back to its normal range of functioning. Blood vessels can sense resistance of blood flow against the walls when blood pressure increases. This message is sent to the brain, and it in turn will send a message to the heart and blood vessels causing the blood vessels to increase in diameter. When this occurs, the blood pressure falls back to normal and the heart rate slows down.

pranitingale | Student

When we play soccor our body work mentally as well as physically. When we run for a long time our body needs a good amount oe energy so, to gain energy we breath anerobically as to recieve large amount of oxygen and satisfy thet need of energy. During this process lungs, heart, diaphragm works very effeciently to provide oxyen by breathing faster and faster

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