What happens if you double all the dimensions of a triangular prism? Will you also double the surface area too?

Expert Answers
hala718 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Let the dimensions of a rectangular prism is L * W * H.

Then, the surface area is:

SA(1)= 2WL + 2WH + 2LH= 2 ( WL+WH+LH)

Now we need to determine the surface area if the dimensions doubles.

Then, the dimensions now are: 2L *2W * 2H

==> SA(2)= 2( 4WL + 4WH + 4LH)

==> SA(2)= 8 (WL+ WH + LH)

==> SA(2)= 4* SA(1)

Then, we notice that if the dimensions doubles, the surface area is 4 times the original surface area.