What happens when you burn magnesium in the air?

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When the element magnesium is burned, or combusted, it is chemically combined with oxygen from the air to form magnesium oxide.  Magnesium oxide is a crumbly, whitish powder.  Magnesium burns with a high temperature and a very bright white light.  The light is at the extreme end of the visible part of the electromagnetic spectrum, so care must be taken when viewing the combustion.  Since magnesium combusts with this briliant light, it is a principle metal used in the construction of fireworks.  Magnesium oxide, among other uses, is used to manufacture dry cement.

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When magnesium is heated,it burns with a dazzling white flame to form a white powder called magnesium oxide.Actually, on heating, magnesium combines with oxygen present in air to form magnesium oxide.