What happens when the Baptist minister called on Miss Emily?  

In "A Rose for Emily," the Baptist minister failed at his attempt to end Miss Emily's relationship with Homer Barron and left her home feeling humiliated and ashamed. Miss Emily more than likely treated him with the same contempt and disdain she showed the local aldermen, who attempted to collect her taxes. The Baptist minister was too embarrassed and distraught to ever divulge what happened during his visit.

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Miss Emily lives in a small Southern town in Mississippi, and the townspeople make her business their business. Miss Emily has gotten fairly used to the way people call on her in order to dispense opinions and to try to force her into the confines of their social hierarchy. Much to their dismay, she just never really cares that much about public opinion.

When Miss Emily begins seeing Homer Barron, the townspeople—and particularly the women—become increasingly disconcerted. She rides around with Homer in a "glittering buggy" even though they aren't married, and everyone in town thinks that she is inflicting injury to her character by participating in such acts. Even worse to the townspeople, many believe that Homer is a homosexual, and many others are convinced that he is simply "not a marrying man."

These Southern women decide that something must be done. Miss Emily must be made aware of her infractions against the social code of small-town Mississippi. The men of the town want nothing to do...

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