What happens when Scout and Jem walk home from the pageant?

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Scout, after missing her cue to go on stage at the school pageant, is too embarrassed to leave with the crowd still around. Still wearing her ham costume, she and Jem begin their journey home once most of the people have left the school. As they're walking, Jem thinks he hears something. Scout recognizes that the sound they're hearing is the sound of someone's pants, the "swish of cotton on cotton." They realize someone is after them.

Their attacker turns out to be Bob Ewell. Jem's arm is broken in the attack, and he is carried home by the man that saves them. Scout makes her way home, and Dr. Reynolds and Sheriff Tate are called. As Scout tells Sheriff Tate the events that took place, she identifies Boo Radley as the man that saves them.

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In Chapter 28, Jem and Scout are walking home from the Halloween pageant when they hear someone following them. Initially, the children believe Cecil Jacobs is trying to scare them, but then Bob Ewell attacks them. Bob Ewell pulls Jem backward and breaks his arm. Bob then squeezes Scout and attempts to stab her, but she is saved after Boo Radley heroically comes to her defense. Boo Radley wrestles with Bob Ewell and is able to take Bob's weapon. Boo stabs and kills Bob Ewell with his own knife, then picks up Jem to take him home. Scout was unable to witness the attack because of her cumbersome costume and sees the figure of a man staggering down the road holding Jem. Later, it is revealed that Boo Radley saved the children, and Sheriff Tate decides not to tell the community about his heroics.

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