What happens when Rainsford joins the hunt in "The Most Dangerous Game"?I have to do a project where I have to draw a cartoon about what happens whenRrainsford joins the hunt. Please help.

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bullgatortail eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Rainsford has little choice but to accept Zaroff's proposal to serve as the human prey in "The Most Dangerous Game." He would face certain death from Ivan and the dogs if he refuses to play the game. Zaroff knows that Rainsford will provide him with his greatest challenge yet, and Rainsford does not fail to deliver. After Zaroff prolongs the hunt an extra day--recognizing that Rainsford was hiding above him in a tree--Rainsford realizes that Zaroff was just toying with him for the extended sport of the hunt. Rainsford's traps, including the Malay mancatcher and the Burmese tiger pit, do not succeed altogether, but they injure Zaroff and kill one of the dogs. Rainsford's escape probably does not totally surprise Zaroff, but his reappearance in the Cossack's bedroom at the end of the story surely did.

As for your cartoon, there are a number of scenes which you could choose to depict. Rainsford hiding in the tree, preparing one of his traps, or even surprising Zaroff in his bedroom would all be good choices.

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