What happens when Liesel wakes from her dream about the Führer?

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Liesel has been having a dream about the Führer, Adolf Hitler. In the dream, Hitler makes a powerful speech, skillfully manipulating language to drive home his point. Hitler is presented in Liesel's dream as a master of words, someone who understands their intrinsic force and the powerful effect they can have on people. In the dream, Liesel—who will later come to understand the power of words herself—greets the Nazi dictator like an old friend. When she suddenly wakes up, she's horrified to see the figure of Death—the narrator of the story—take away the soul of Werner, her younger brother. After Werner's death Liesel often has nightmares about him. In due course, she also comes to realize the true nature of Hitler and everything that he stands for, and which is completely at odds with the benign, friendly image he presented in the dream.

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