What happens when Lefty and Bud are pulled over by the cop?

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During their ride back to Flint, a policeman pulls over Lefty Lewis with Bud in the passenger seat. When Lefty Lewis pulls over, he cautions Bud to stay silent and remain in his seat. He then tells Bud to slide the box next to him underneath the seat and out of view. While Bud contemplates dashing from the car because he believes the FBI has finally tracked him down, he hesitates as Lefty Lewis gets out and approaches the police car. Bud remains seated as the officer instructs Lefty to open the trunk, and the policeman doesn't find anything suspicious after briefly looking around. When the police officer asks Lefty what is in the suitcase resting on the back seat, Lefty responds by informing the officer that Bud's things are inside the suitcase. The policeman then mistakes Bud for being Lefty's grandson, and Lefty lies to the officer by confirming his comment regarding Bud. The officer then mentions that they are attempting to prevent union laborers from traveling to Detroit. After the police officer pulls away, Lefty shows Bud the contents of the box he told him to hide underneath the seat. When Bud opens the box, he discovers numerous flyers informing Pullman porters of a confidential union meeting that will take place in Grand Rapids. Luckily, the police officer never had a chance to search the box underneath Bud's seat or Lefty would have been arrested.

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