What happens when Jack asks Ralph's followers to join him, and what tragic mistake is made in the excitement in Lord of the Flies?

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pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

When Jack asks Ralph's followers to join him, a number of them do.  Ralph then threatens to call for a meeting to decide who is going to be in charge.  This doesn't happen because they get distracted by the coming storm.

They decide to do a dance in hopes of preventing the storm from being too bad.  As they do the dance, Simon comes down to the beach.  Unfortunately, the boys are in a complete frenzy from their dance and they beat Simon to death because they think that he is the beast.

mkcapen1 | Student

Before the storm comes Jack had asked the boys which ones wanted to join him and have fun. He reminds them that he had given them food and that his hunters will protect them. Some of the boys go with Jack.  Simon has gone to the mountain to find out the nature of the beast.

Ralph confronts Jack and the boys by reminding them that they do not have any shelter like when they first landed on the island and the storm had come.  He challenges them asking them what they will do when the big rains come.  Jack needing to divert their attention off Ralph tells the boys to dance.

Jack and the boys work themselves into a frenzy.  They go around and around the fire yelling "Kill the beast."  "Kill the beast."  They are all caught up in the frantic spirit including Ralph.

Simon has seen the beast ad knows that it is just the pilot.  He rushes to tell the others, but when he emerges through the brush the boys believe him to be the beast.  They violently attack him.  They kick, bite, and beat him beyond need. They continue with a savagery that seems unending.

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