What happens when Holling tries to find an ally in his battle with Mrs. Baker?

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I believe that this question is asking about a sequence found in the first chapter. Holling makes his way home from school one day, and he is convinced that Mrs. Baker hates him. He attempts to find a family member that will offer him some sympathy or advice. He's likely even looking for an advocate of some kind to perhaps go speak to Mrs. Baker. Holling first tries his mother, but his mother just brushes him off. Mrs. Hoodhood says that Mrs. Baker can't hate him, because she barely knows him. Mr. Hoodhood's response is close to the same thing; however, Mr. Hoodhood demands that Holling do nothing to upset Mrs. Baker. She is related to the family that owns the Baker Sporting Emporium, and he is trying to secure a contract with them. Finally, Holling's sister, Heather, is equally unhelpful. She does express some sympathy toward Holling in regards to how unsympathetic their dad is, but she is essentially just as unsympathetic as well. To be honest, she's mildly hostile and antagonistic toward Holling and his interruption. Holling ends the day having gained no allies in his plight.

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