What happens when Governor Andros arrives to take the charter? How do these events change Kit's understanding of both Matthew and William?

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gbeatty eNotes educator| Certified Educator

During the meeting it got dark. Andros called for lights, but the candles were blown out by a draft. While they were out, someone "stole" the charter (took it to keep it safe). Readers aren't told exactly who did this, but William acts like he either took it or was directly involved. William is shown to be far more lively than Kit had seen before, and as for Matthew, Kit actively admires him for the first time. She sees that there "was a sort of magnificence about him," and sees why her beautiful aunt would cross an ocean with him.

swagga-shaq1 | Student

The lights went out when Governor Andros arrined to take the charter and someone took it to keep it safe. William was more lively than Kit had seen before and she saw thatthere was a sort of magnificent about Matthew.

nbutch | Student

Kit sees....YOUR MOM

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