What happens when Dexter meets Judy Jones the first and second time in Fitzgerald's "Winter Dreams"?

Expert Answers
dymatsuoka eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Judy Jones has the uncanny ability to affect the whole direction of Dexter's life according to her whims.  The first time they meet, Dexter is fourteen and Judy is eleven.  Dexter, who is working as a caddy at Sherry Island Golf Club for pocket money, dreams of becoming a golf pro and out-playing the wealthy members who frequent his place of employment.  When the beautiful Judy comes to play golf and treats him as an inferior, he abruptly quits his job.

After attending a prestigious college he can not easily afford and borrowing money to go into business, Dexter returns to Sherry Island to play golf as a successful, twenty-three-year-old businessman.  In a twist of fate, Judy is playing there as well, and accidentally hits one of Dexter's party with her ball.  Dexter falls in love with her, and the two begin a tumultuous relationship.