In Chesapeake by James A Michener, what happens In Voyage 1?

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Voyage 1 is the story of Pentaquod, a Native American who leaves his home on the Susquehanna, probably in what is now Pennsylvania, and finds his way to the Choptank River, on the Delmarva peninsula. Pentaquod arrives as a young stranger. He is accepted into the local tribe and finds his way, over time, to becoming the werowance (chief), leading the people to peace and prosperity.

The story is rich in details about the way the Native Americans lived in today's Maryland Eastern Shore. Pentaquod's boat and tools are described, and Michener follows his character as he fends for himself in the wilderness. The wildlife and plants are part of the story as well. The honking of the Canada geese that winter on the Eastern Shore is first heard in Voyage 1 and continues through the story; as I sit here, perhaps forty minutes' drive from the Choptank, I can hear them, and it must be experienced to be appreciated!

All of this is setting the stage: Voyage 1 ends when the Europeans arrive, and...

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