What happens to the driver and the old woman in "The Sniper"?

In "The Sniper," the driver of the armored car and the woman informant are both shot and killed by the protagonist, a Republican sniper.

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The young Republican sniper watches from his rooftop hiding spot, knowing that he has given his position away to an enemy sniper across the street by lighting a cigarette. He sees an armored vehicle come down the street in front of his building, and he watches as an old woman wearing a tattered shawl walks over to speak with the driver of the "enemy car." She points directly toward the main character's location on the roof, and he realizes that she is an informer. The driver looks up toward the sniper's rooftop, and as he does so, the sniper fires his rifle and shoots the man dead. The woman informant tries to run away down a side street, but the sniper kills her quickly with one shot as well. Her body falls into the gutter and remains there for the rest of the story.

Thus, both the driver of the armored car and the old woman are killed by the protagonist. These moments, however, provide enough time for the enemy sniper on the rooftop opposite to aim and shoot the main character, and he is wounded badly enough that he cannot lift his rifle. At this point, the sniper must come up with a somewhat more creative plan, one that involves a bit of deception and even acting, in order to give himself the opportunity to kill the other sniper and live to escape the next morning.

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