What happens at the three addresses in I Am the Messenger?

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teachsuccess eNotes educator| Certified Educator

First, I will mention what happens at the three addresses and then provide a little more detail on each.

The first address is 45 Edgar Street. Ed has to go to this address at midnight. There, he sees a man yell at his wife and then rape her. Their daughter, helpless to intervene, cries on the porch.

The second address is 13 Harrison Avenue. Ed has to go to this address at 6 p.m. There, he meets Milla Johnson. She is a harmless old lady, but it is quite obvious that she is senile. Milla keeps referring to Ed as "Jimmy."

The third address is 6 Macedoni Street at 5:30 am. There, he meets a fifteen-year-old girl named Sophie. Sophie is a runner, and that is her passion in life. Ed isn't sure what to do with her except to watch her run.

Now, I'll provide a little more detail about the addresses.

First, Ed is a nineteen-year-old under-aged cab driver. He has three main friends. They are Marv, Ritchie, and Audrey. Ed has a crush on Audrey, but she doesn't seem to be remotely interested in him.

One day, he comes home from work to find an unfamiliar-looking piece of mail waiting for him. Inside is an Ace of Diamonds with three addresses and corresponding times. Ed is unsure about how he should proceed. He gets cold feet and tries to put off his assignments. Eventually, he does make his way to the first address on the list: 45 Edgar Street. He gets there and waits for midnight. When the time comes, a huge, mean-looking man enters the house at 45 Edgar Street. He is obviously drunk.

The man yells for his wife, who soon makes her appearance in her nightgown. Immediately, the man wrenches the nightgown off her and proceeds to rape her. Her screams ring out into the night, but none of the neighbors hear. Finally, Ed sees a little girl cry on the porch, as her mother is being raped. Later, her own mother comes out and weeps on the same porch. Ed suddenly realizes that he's been sent to save the mother and her daughter. However, he is afraid: the man is heavily-built and intimidating. Ed decides to leave it alone for now.

Next, he makes his way to 13 Harrison Avenue. He's quite relieved when he gets there because nothing eventful happens. An old lady lives at the address. Ed sits in his cab and watches her make dinner. She eats alone; Ed thinks that she looks like a gentle and kind old lady. He is comforted just by watching her. Ed returns the next day at about the same time: 6 pm. This time, he knocks on the door. The old lady answers and addresses him as "Jimmy." Ed decides to get into the act and have dinner with her. Before he leaves, Ed comes to realize that he has been sent to comfort a lonely old lady. Eventually, Ed discovers that the old lady is Milla Johnson, whose husband (Jimmy) died serving his country in World War Two.

The third (and last) address Ed visits is 6 Macedoni Street. He gets there at 5:30 am one day. Macedoni Street is quite hilly, and a two-story house sits at the top of the hill. At about 5:30 am, a young girl leaves the house. She is dressed in red, sporty shorts and a hooded sweatshirt. Ed notices that she has no shoes on. She is quite obviously a runner. As he watches her, he realizes that the girl is beautiful. She is about fifteen and is five-foot-nine. Ed feels ashamed as he experiences feelings of lust for the girl.

At this point, he isn't sure what he should do for the girl. After all, she doesn't seem to need him. He finally decides that her problem has something to do with running.