What happens that suggests that European influence often had devastating or long lasting impact on the people, envir, economy, religion, custom, etc? Heart of Darkness

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There can be much to indicate the European influence has a history of being disruptive to other settings.  One of the lasting legacies of colonialism and the age of exploration is that voyage and journey almost became synonymous with conquest and enslavement.  In this setting, European settlement had devastating consequences for the regions that were the subject of such "exploration."  It was like the Midas touch in reverse as nations in Central and South America, Asia, and Africa possessed their own sense of life and consciousness, completely disrupted and uprooted by colonial powers.  At the same time, one could make the argument that European industrialization and the revolution that followed had intensely harsh impacts on the environment and the notion of the rural settings around Europe.  This is not to say that one can turn back the clock and undo what had been done.  Nor does this attempt to say that there was nothing of value brought by Europeans and the West.  However, it is pointing out that the focus of the question does ponder the proverbial "other side" to the progress and "civilization" that was brought about in the process, one that is raised quite vividly in Conrad's work with Kurtz in the Congo.

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