What happens in the story? How Roberto gets away from the camp, what happens to Samuel. does anyone die?

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This is a story about a friendship between two Italian boys with the backdrop of WWII. One of the boys is Jewish and his friend goes to great lengths to conceal this fact. Both boys are sent to the Ukraine to help build landing fields for the Axis planes.
Eventually, Enzo the Jewish boy is found out by the other boys because he is circumcised. It would have been unusual in this time period for a non Jew to be circumcised. However, although he is being blackmailed by one of the other boys, this is not his cause of death. Enzo is beaten to death for stealing the boots of a dead German soldier. His friend Roberto, in an effort to fulfill the promise he made to Enzo at his death, escapes and makes his way back to Italy.
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well after samuele dies roberto just runs away, if that helps

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