What happens during the incident in the royal garden when Gulliver is picked up by the white spaniel?

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It was Glumdalclitch's habit to leave Gulliver in a secure spot in the royal garden so that he could have some time alone with his thoughts.  One day, she did this and went off to another area of the garden with her governess, and she was out of hearing.  The gardener's little white spaniel could smell Gulliver's scent and came close to where Gulliver lay.  When the dog found him, he picked Gulliver up in his mouth and carried him to his master, the gardener; however, the dog was so well trained that he did not even tear Gulliver's clothes, let alone hurt him.  The poor gardener was terrified for Gulliver and treated him gently, taking him from between his dog's teeth, but Gulliver, though unhurt, could not speak for several minutes because he'd been so frightened by the experience.  Glumdalclitch panicked when she returned and found Gulliver gone, and the whole incident was hushed up so she wouldn't get in trouble with the queen for her carelessness.

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