What happens in the pulmonary circulatory system?

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pksisland eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There are a number of parts to the circulatory systems of which "pulmonary" is one. 

1. In the PULMONARY Circulatory System, the blood moves from the heart to the lungs and back to the heart.  In the heart, the blood becomes oxygenated and the oxygen is released through the lungs.

2. In the heart there is CORONARY Circulation.  This is the movement of oxygenated blood through the tissues of the heart, rather than through the chambers via the valves.

3. Throughout the entire body there is SYSTEMIC Circulation.

Together - PULMONARY, CORONARY, SYSTEMIC, they make up the body's circulatory system.

dahraan | Student

Pulmonary circulatory system is the way in which deoxyginated blood from the body parts carried by viens enters the heart  to the right chambers. Its then carried away from the heart to the lungs by pulmonary artery, which is the only artery which carries deoxyginated blood. Then in the lungs the blood full of oxygen(oxygeneted) is carried from the lungs to the left chambers of the heart by pulmonary vein, which is the only vein which carries oxygenated blood. up to there is called PULMONARY CIRCULATION