In Lord of the Flies, what happens to Piggy and what kind of treatment does he have to endure?

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In Lord of the Flies, Piggy is the brains behind Ralph's leadership. Without him, Ralph would be an ineffective leader on the island. Piggy is ridiculed by the other boys about his name which he asked Ralph to keep secret but "even the tiniest child joined in."(Ch 1) Piggy is always concerned about what "grown-ups would do" He has asthma and is overweight and is a thoughtful boy but even Ralph gets irritated with him at times - "Piggy was a bore."(Ch 4).

Jack intimidates Piggy who, even using the conch, is often ignored and if he catches "Jack's eye" he "wilted" as Jack will just tell him - "You shut up!"(Ch 2) Jack steals Piggy's glasses and ultimately breaks them leaving Piggy - and in fact the whole "tribe" - powerless without them. During the attempt to recover Piggy's glasses a fight breaks out and "the conch exploded into a thousand white fragments and ceased to exist" (ch 11) followed by poor Piggy. Roger has thrown a rock which sends Piggy falling and travelling "through the air sideways"....and then  "the body of Piggy was gone."

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