What happens to Paul once science class starts?

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anthonda49 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

At practice the day before, Tino and Victor made unfeeling comments about the death of Mike Costello, Joey's brother. Then they teased Joey about being Paul's shadow and nicknamed him Tuna. Joey was angry, but did not respond to the boys. Paul tried to soothe his friend's feelings, but Joey did not respond to him. Paul and Joey joined a group working on a science project that included Tino and his sister Theresa. When the group formed, Joey told Paul he had quit soccer, and he made a rude, racist comment about the ethnic make up of Tangerine Middle.  Joey got angry and left the room.  The next day during the group's meeting, Paul tried to intervene, but he realized that Joey did not belong at Tangerine. Joey belonged at Lake Windsor Middle with people like him, not with an ethnically mixed group of the lower socio-economic class.He had nothing in common with them and could not fit in with their ways. Joey said mean things to Paul about how the group treated him. Joey and Tino tussled in the classroom, and Tino was suspended. Joey withdrew to go back to Lake Windsor; Paul had lost Joey as a friend.

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