what happens to pat scully and johnnie at the end of the story

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thetall eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Even though the story ends with a conversation between the cow boy and the easterner, Pat, Scully, and Johnnie are accused of being responsible for the Swede’s death. The easterner blames himself, the cowboy, Johnnie and his father for leading the Swede to his death. Johnnie had cheated during the card game and the easterner witnessed it but turned a blind eye and failed to support the Swede when he raised the issue. The cowboy, on the other hand, did nothing because he thought it was simply a game of fun. Scully let Johnnie and the Swede fight without much hesitation and during the fight, the cowboy shouted several times at Johnnie to kill the Swede. According to the easterner, whatever misfortune befell the Swede after he left was only a culmination of their actions and that they are the ones that should be serving the sentence for the Swede's death instead of the gambler.