What happens to Odysseus and his men when they are with the enchantress circe?

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readerofbooks eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In book ten, after Odysseus and his men leave the Phaeacians, they comes to the island of Cicre. They rest there for a few day. When Odysseus goes out to scout the land, he realizes that it is inhabited. So, his men break up into two groups and they go forth. A group of his men meet Circe and she invites them to have a meal and they dine and drink. However, Circe has drugged the food and turned them into pigs. Only one of the men was able to flee, because he suspected a trap. Eurylokhos, now alone, runs to the ship to tell Odysseus what has happened.

Odysseus is determined to save his men. On his way, the god Hermes approaches him and offers some advice. Hermes tells Odysseus that he must get a certain plant to withstand her magic. Moreover, Hermes tells Odysseus to draw his sword and attack Circe and make her swear by the gods that she will not harm him and his men. Odysseus succeeds and Circe transforms the pigs back into men. Odysseus and his men stay on the island for one year, and Circe helps Odysseus leave in time.