The Great Gatsby Questions and Answers
by F. Scott Fitzgerald

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What happens between Nick and Jordan Baker in chapter nine of The Great Gatsby?  

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Wallace Field eNotes educator | Certified Educator

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After Gatsby's funeral, which no one attends, Nick and Jordan get together because Nick wants to break things off and provide closure to their relationship.  Jordan tells him that she's become engaged to someone else, and Nick doubts the truth of her statement.  Perhaps she just wants to make him think that he missed his chance with her, and she's already proven herself to be a big liar.  Nick wonders if he's made a mistake by breaking things off, but he resolves stick with his decision anyway.  Jordan is clearly a little bitter about the treatment she's received from him -- she's not used to being dumped -- and she tells him "'[she doesn't] give a damn about [him] now, but it was a new experience for [her].'" 

Moreover, Jordan does reference the conversation about bad drivers they'd had earlier in the text.  She now accuses Nick of being a "bad driver" and says that she was wrong when she thought he was "'an honest, straightforward person.'"  She seems to really be trying to make him feel bad, first by telling him she couldn't care less about him and then by accusing him of being deceptive and dishonest.  Jordan seems to feel very wounded, and she tries to wound Nick in return.

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ms-mcgregor eNotes educator | Certified Educator

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Nick and Jordan meet for the last time in Chapter 9. It is clear that Jordan has not changed since Gatsby's death and she makes a joke about Nick's comment a bad driver is safe until she meets another bad driver.By that time Nick has already decided that Tom and Daisy are "careless people" and "left other people to clean up the mess that they had made." Jordan's comment indicates that she, too, is still part of the lifestyle to which Tom and Daisy belong. Nick is now 30 years old and says that that age is too old to still be playing games and "call it honor". He decides that her lifestyle, and that of Tom and Daisy, is not what he wants and he soon leave to go back home to the Midwest.

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