What happens to Mollie in Animal Farm?

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durbanville eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Animal Farm by George Orwell is representative of the effects of power in the wrong hands. The animals stage a rebellion and take over the farm, driving out Jones and any trace of mankind, their enemy. Animalism is intended to give the animals the freedom they deserve but, instead, Napoleon drives Snowball away and manipulates the seven commandments and the fundamentals of Animalism to serve his own ends because "some animals are more equal than others." 

Mollie never takes the rebellion seriously. She is described as the "foolish, pretty, white mare," and is more concerned about her red ribbons and wonders whether there will be lumps of sugar after the rebellion. Snowball tries to explain to her that her ribbons, of which she is so proud, are like a "badge of slavery" and, although she agrees, she is clearly not convinced of this fact. Later, Snowball will remark that ribbons are effectively clothes and therefore they defy the principles of Animalism and should be burnt.

When the animals go into the farm house to look around now that they own everything, they do not stay long. Mollie, however, is fascinated with Mrs. Jones's ribbons and the animals have to remind her of their new ideology. They agree that the farmhouse will become a museum; no animal should live there. All the animals work extremely hard but Mollie always seems to get a stone in her hoof, the cat always disappears for hours, and Old Benjamin plods on as before. Neither is Mollie interested in learning to read or write, except the letters of her own name. 

When Jones attempts to retake the farm, Mollie is missing and the animals are worried about her but she is found in her stall, hiding, scared by the gunshots. It is soon discovered that Mollie has a hidden stash of sugar lumps and ribbons and has been seen allowing the men from Foxwood to stroke her nose. She goes missing a few days later and, although no animal knows her whereabouts, after a few weeks the pigeons bring news of her new home in Willingdon. She clearly has an owner, a "fat red-faced man," and has been clipped and groomed. After that, "none of the animals ever mentioned Mollie again."

bullgatortail eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Mollie is the first of the beasts of Animal Farm to leave the farm and desert the cause of animal supremacy. Mollie never buys into the belief that those who walk upon two legs are bad. She has always been a favorite of the previous owner of the farm, Mr. Jones, and she much prefers wearing ribbons in her mane to actually working like the rest of the animals. Shortly after the Battle of the Cowshed, in which Mollie hid from the action, she so misses her sugar lump treats that she runs from the farm, where she is seen by the pigeons pulling a cart on another farm. Her former comrades on Animal Farm never speak of her again.

sumer-t | Student

She runs away in chapter 5 as she was easily decieved by one of Mr. Pilkington's men. He gave her a lump of sugar and a few ribbons and she went to Foxwood within a jiffy. She was cupiduous and did not want to work, all she wanted was the pretty things that man provided her with.