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Mohammad Khan, despite being born in the United States, is the victim of racist assumptions and attacks simply because of his Muslim background. In the aftermath of 9/11, the people around Khan are suspicious of a memorial garden designed by a Muslim architect. He is not religious; he is not an extremist; after his ethnicity is discovered, however, he is still the subject of debate. Should a Muslim architect be allowed to design a 9/11 memorial? He is asked questions by the media about the "meaning" of the garden and what inspired the design: questions Khan knows would only be asked of someone with a Muslim background. It is suspected that the garden has a secret meaning or code.

The racism and discrimination that happens to Mohammad Khan provokes many questions and thoughts. This issue of his garden is bigger than himself and bigger than the newspapers writing articles about rumors and speculations, and the reader is encouraged to think through both sides of the conflict.

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