What happens to Medea's father?

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Euripides' "Medea" presumes that the audience is familiar with the story of "Jason and the Golden Fleece" in which Jason first met Medea. In this story, King Aeetes, Medea's father, assigns Jason several impossible tasks. Medea, who is a sorceress, uses her magic to help Jason complete the tasks, and finally to escape Colchis with the stolen Golden Fleece. To slow down pursuit by her father and his soldiers, Medea kills her own brother and scatters parts of his body in the wake of the ship on which she and Jason are fleeing with the Fleece in order to slow down pursuit. Medea and Jason escape successfully, and return to Iolcus, Jason’s home. Neither Apollonius nor Euripides mention what happens to Aeetes after he gathers the pieces of his son’s body and abandons pursuit of Jason and Medea.

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