What happens to Magwitch's money now that he has been arrested? Do you think Pip cares? Why can Pip be considered noble on the end of Ch. 54?Chapter 54 of the book, Great Expectations.

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All the wealth that Magwitch possesses is confiscated to the state.Magwitch even in his death bed believes that his wealth will go to Pip after his death. He is happy of the gentleman that he has made.

"Dear boy ," he answered, "I'm quite content to take my chance. I've seen my boy, and he can be a gentleman without me."

Now very grateful to Magwith for all what he has done on behalf of Pip, he vainly tries his best to save Magwitch who is a father figure to him. Pip does not care for Magwitch's money unlike Jaggers or Wemmick who are more interested in his "portable property".

It is very evident in Pip's own thoughts later on as an adult that he never had second thoughts about Magwitch's money. His only concern was to save Magwitch's life.

I imparted to Mr.Jaggers my design of keeping him in ignorance of the fate of his wealth. Mr. Jaggers was querulous and angry  with me for having "let slip through my fingers, " and said we must memorialise by-and-by, and try at all events for some of it. But, he did not conceal from me that although there might be many cases in which the forfeiture would not be exacted, there were no circumstances in this case to make it one of them. I understood that very well.

Wemmick too is interested in the property of Magwitch.

What I look at, is the sacrifice of so much portable property. Dear me !

What I think of, Wemmick, is the poor owner of the property.

Thus it is very evident that Pip has not got the slightest concern or interest in Magwitch's property.

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