What happens to Junior’s grandmother in "Red Versus White"?

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Junior's grandmother was one of the most well-known Indian women on the reservation, as well as on other reservations. She was known for her traditional sense of tolerance of people's differences. She liked to go to powwows all over the country. "She was powwow-famous" and "everybody loved her" (157).

Then, one evening, she was walking home from a powwow at the Spokane Tribal Community Center when she was hit by a drunk driver. She was rushed to the hospital in Spokane, where she later died of massive internal injuries.

Even on her deathbed, however, she seems to continue to display the tolerance and love that so many had her for, as her last words are, "Forgive him" (157). Junior and his family agree that she is talking about the drunk driver who killed her.


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