What happens in chapter 7 of The Age of the Ninth?

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The Eagle of the Ninth (Book One of the Eagle of the Ninth Trilogy, by Rosemary Suttcliff) is a historical novel set in Roman Britain during the early Republic:

Sometime about A.D. 117, the Ninth Legion, which was stationed at Eburacum, where York now stands, marched north to deal with a rising among the Caledonian tribes, and was never heard of again.

The plot centers around the Centurion Marcus Flavius Aquila. We learn that his father had soldiered with the Ninth Legion in Judea, Egypt, and Britain for ten years, rising to the rank of Cohort Commander, and was with the Ninth (also known as the Ninth Hispana) when they marched north beyond what is now Hadrian's Wall.

When he was eighteen, Marcus joined the Roman Legion. After rising to his father's rank and being posted to the frontier in Britain, his leg is severely wounded when he and the men in his garrison defend their fort from a local uprising. Discharged from his military duties, Marcus goes to live with his Uncle Aquila to allow his...

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