What happens to the fire in Lord of the Flies?

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bullgatortail eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The precious signal fire, whose importance Ralph has so strenuously tried to express to the others, has died out at the beginning of Chapter 11. The night before, following the death of Simon, Ralph wonders about the importance of the fire, and after having trouble getting dry wood (Piggy is too tired to carry any), the boys allow it to go out. The boys are attacked later that night by Roger, and Ralph and Piggy find that the boys had not come for the conch, but instead for Piggy's glasses. The next morning, Ralph and Piggy try to get the fire started again, but without the fire-starting glasses, they are unable to do so. The fault of allowing the fire to die out lies with all of the boys. Jack's hunters had come to disdain the work needed to keep the fire going, since it took time away from their hunting. Ralph and his remaining group were still grieving over the loss of Simon, and fear of the others had become overwhelming.

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