What happens at the end of "The Most Dangerous Game?"

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At the very end of the story, Sanger Rainsford kills General Zaroff.

General Zaroff had been hunting Rainsford throughout much of the story.  Rainsford had kept managing to escape Zaroff.  He had hurt Zaroff and bit and killed one of his best dogs.  He had also killed Zaroff's man, Ivan.  Finally, Rainsford dives into the ocean and makes his way back to Zaroff's house and into Zaroff's room.

Zaroff comes in, they fight and Rainsford kills Zaroff.  The story ends with Rainsford going to sleep in Zaroff's bed.  He decides it is the most comfortable bed he has ever slept in and we are left to decide for ourselves what he is going to do next.

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