What happens in the end of "The Most Dangerous Game?"Please help me.

Expert Answers
pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In one way, this is a very easy and obvious question.  But in another, it is definitely not.

The easy and obvious answer is that Rainsford kills Zaroff.  He manages to make his way into Zaroff's room.  They fight and he manages to kill the general.  He then sleeps in Zaroff's bed.

But it's not necessarily that simple.  Some scholars wonder what Rainsford does next.  When Rainsford first heard what Zaroff did on the island he was totally horrified.  But now he kills Zaroff and he really likes Zaroff's bed.  Does this imply that he has changed his mind?  Is he going to take over and start hunting people on this island?  That is much harder to answer and it is something you have to decide for yourself.  Do you think Rainsford has it in him to be as evil as Zaroff?

bullgatortail eNotes educator| Certified Educator

This great short story by Richard Connell is one that you should finish reading yourself. The ending is a truly surprising one. After big game hunter Sanger Rainsford is himself hunted by the Cossack General Zaroff, Rainsford manages to elude the Russian by leaping into the ocean. Although Zaroff supposes Rainsford drowned, the reader knows better. After Zaroff retires to his bedroom for the evening, he is surprised to find Rainsford inside waiting for him. Zaroff acknowledges that Rainsford has won the game, but Rainsford is not through playing. He declares that the game is still on, and gives Zaroff a head start. In the end, it is Rainsford who settles down to a well-deserved sleep in Zaroff's comfortable bed.